I’m Lisa.

I am the People Whisperer (or at least that’s what my clients tell me).

I bring out, and spotlight, who you are at a core level.   It’s where all the magic happens.  And who doesn’t like magic?

I am empathic and understand each person as an individual.  Helping you become comfortable with living in your own skin…safely and with a sprinkle of humor.  We find what gets you excited, what makes you tick and what makes you do high fives all day because you just can’t help yourself.

I am a natural improver and developer – seeing things that can better the life of the individual, business and team with great accuracy.  Delicately implementing those changes without judgment or lack of understanding.  I will not steamroll…it’s not my nature.  So please don’t ask.

I am a creator and a builder of things.  I am hands on and in it.  I will not stop until the vision is complete….understanding that there are always adjustments along the way.

I am wired for change.

Real change.

If you are ready for mind-blowing, why didn’t I do this sooner kind of change, then I am your gal.

In my 25 year career, I have gone from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to the Emerald Isle and no matter where I have been this has always rang true….

Business is about people.

People are about relationships.

Relationships are about experiences

And I am about making experiences the best they can be.