Instinctive Design for Business

Meet Your Rock Stars

Finding the right person for the job is one of the most important decisions you will make when building your company.  Most of you are doing it on your own because a recruiter is out of your budget when you are just getting started.  We work with you so you will have the extra assurance you need to feel that you are making the right choice because:

We can get you clear on who you will need to be successful in the position you are hiring for and tell you if they will walk the talk.   Additionally, if you have someone who is rockin’ it and you want to find their clone…we can do that too!

Bring us your top candidates and we can determine if the person you are considering is the best fit for your company based on their workstyle, talent and language.  We use validated assessments that are EOE compliant and completely legal to use as hiring tools.   We also focus on cultural fit.  We also work in conjunction with recruiters because our expertise is beyond education, skillset and personality.

We  GUARANTEE our work.  If you hire someone and they do no work out based on their Instinctive Design within the first 6 months of employment, we will happily do it again at no cost to you.

Contact us to discuss the details on how we work but we will answer the burning question of how much does it cost.  Our hiring packages start at $3,500.  Small investment for guaranteed results.


Founders Keepers

You have a great idea and you need to find the right partner to make it the huge success that you dream about.  You meet, you are both excited and ready to rock and roll.  Then the enthusiasm starts to sputter and you realize that your dream is starting to become a nightmare.  You like the person but can’t work with them.  Conflicting work and communication styles is one of the biggest killers to business partnerships.

Imagine knowing this information and much more about the person before you take the leap together.   Knowing how each is wired to work and communicate is the difference between success and failure in a business relationship.

Our business partner services begin at $2,500.

Kick Ass Team Building

Building teams based on Instinctive Design is a slam dunk for success.  The assessments we use are proven to increase team productivity to over 80%.  Our tools will determine who will work best together and where stresses might arise.

We provide strategies to ensure the project or task will be completed with smiles by bringing awareness to each others strengths so everyone feels honored.  Each team member will thrive because they are contributing their strengths to the group.

We provide a comprehensive Team Success Projection Report based on validated assessments.  Our team building packages start at $5,000.


Expose Your Superstars

Sometimes you are not aware of all the talent you have right under your nose.  You could have the perfect team member to do exactly what is it that you need and they would thrive doing it.  Realigning your team members by their talents and not by title will increase productivity, lower turnover and create a happy thriving environment where people want to be.


Instinctive Design For Individuals and Families

Each individual interested in finding happiness with Instinctive Design will receive the following:

Each Instinctive Design Consultation: $500